Cultivating A Community

Cultivating A Community

First Philippine Industrial Park’s (FPIP) tagline “Our Park, Your Business” comes with the goal to “provide highly reliable and world-class infrastructure, utilities and services that allow locators to focus on growing their businesses.” Bringing these locators together and allowing them to share resources, space, and to be part of the same community is an enormous challenge. For a look at how this impressive operation actually works, we spoke to FPIP Operations Engineer Elmarionito Cosep.

When did you begin working at FPIP?

I was hired in 1999 by FPIP’s former VP for Operations Alfredo Del Rosario, who used to be a manager at Science Park of the Philippines (SPPI), where I used to work.

Why did you decide to join FPIP?

I had helped SPPI expand while I was there, and I wanted a new challenge. At FPIP, I was able to handle new locator industries, which include motorcycle manufacturing (Honda), printer manufacturing (Canon and Brother), and food (Nestlé).

What does it mean to host such a variety of locators?

I get to interface with people from many disciplines and engineers from different nationalities and to stay abreast of various operating and industry processes.

Biggest challenges?

It’s hard to keep the park beautiful every day, but we act on this by regularly conducting landscape maintenance and planting trees.

How has the park changed over the years?

It has expanded greatly. From 350 hectares, it’s now around 500 hectares. In 1999, there were only five locators. Now, there are about 100. We’ve planted almost 10,000 trees as well.

How has working at FPIP changed you?

Since I’m originally from Mindanao, I’ve learned more about various cultures, and how to blend in with my host communities.

What sort of mindset do you possess that makes you well suited for this type of work?

Maybe my job experience at SPPI, and all the things I encountered there. The Lopez Values of Nationalism drives me since I know that what I’m doing is for the country and for my fellow Filipinos.


Engr. Cosep supports his son, Elmarionito II, in his work as Process Engineer for Thermos


Engr. Cosep with his family