FPIP & JAM-PHILTRANCO to offer common external shuttle services


Initial phase begins July 26, 2017

FPIP affirms its commitment to world-class service to its locators by launching of a Common
External Shuttle Service serving all of FPIP. The Common External Shuttle service will provide all
employees and contractors of FPIP locators with a high-quality shuttle service to and from
major residential areas. Through the Common External Shuttle Service, FPIP commuters will be
able to travel with increased comfort and convenience using air-conditioned buses with
guaranteed seating from designated locations within FPIP.

The Common External Shuttle Service initial trial phase will commence from 26 July to 6
September and will be operated by the Jam-Philtranco group of bus companies. The Common
External Shuttle Service will be open to employees of all FPIP locators, even if locators have
contracted their own shuttle services. Information gained from this trial phase will be used to
develop and establish long-term transport solutions for FPIP.

“Our goal for is to continuously deliver greater value to FPIP locators and their staff. We have worked with the Jam-Philtranco group to create a competitive offering that provides a safe, efficient and comfortable commuting experience for FPIP locator employees,” said FPIP President Ferdinand Edwin S. CoSeteng.

The initial phase of the common External Shuttle Service will begin with an outbound service from FPIP featuring the following destinations and fare rates:

(subject to change based on observed conditions)

Inbound services will be added over the course of the 6-week period. As an additional service, locators have the option of boarding commuter buses bound for Manila, destined for Philtranco’s Buendia and Cubao terminals. Long-distance riders can board a commuter bus at FPIP without the need to travel to any other provincial bus terminals. 

First Philippine Industrial Park President Mr. Edwin CoSeteng and JAM/Philtranco President & CEO Mr. Dennise Trajano