Message from the President

Dear friends,

Over the past 5 years, the Philippines has emerged as an attractive manufacturing site in Asia. The Philippine Government’s Department of Trade and Industry through its promotion agencies - The Board of Investment (BOI) and the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) - have clearly communicated the increased stability brought about by good governance, the deep, talented and young English- speaking work force, and the strategic location of the Philippines in Asia. The increasing amount of FDI in the Philippines is evidence of the growing awareness and recognition of the Philippines as a great place to do business.

We at First Philippine Industrial Park (FPIP, Inc.) have welcomed this development and are exerting all efforts to provide a safe, secure, reliable, and pleasant manufacturing home for our locators. Since its establishment in 1997, First Philippine Industrial Park (FPIP, Inc.) has been recognized as a major player in industrial park development. Our park hosts a wide variety of world-class companies in such diverse sectors such as aerospace, consumer goods, electronics and electrical devices, motorcycles, and office equipment, to name a few. We also provide ready-built factories for the Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers of our major locators - which we realize are critical to the growth of our valued locators. FPIP strives to upgrade its best-in-class utilities - power, water, and telecom - to provide highest reliability for our demanding customers. We also seek to provide the amenities and attentive customer service to help our locators achieve a sure, quick start and accelerating growth. FPIP heavily involves its host communities in our growth and progress - by supporting the local public school system, improving the community health system, strengthening resilience and enforcing the strictest environment standards for use of water, and protecting the air, land and vegetation in and around the Park.

Our goal is ambitious yet straightforward and by no means lofty:  to advance national growth by catalyzing industrial development.  Our promise to our locators is hinged on our unwavering passion:  to provide a world-class manufacturing experience.  Please visit Our Park.  We look forward to being your partners as you grow in the Philippines.


Ferdinand Edwin S. CoSeteng